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(Revised November 24 2015)

 The Association Board of Directors, aided by the condominium Manager, has the responsibility of supervising the interests of the unit owners and maintaining the properties for the use and enjoyment of all. We desire congenial, peaceful living here. To have this, we must recognize the need for concern and consideration for others. We believe that Tamarind Gulf and Bay is the most prestigious condominium on Manasota Key, and we the owners are dedicated to keeping it that way. We can only do so with your help. Your careful attention and compliance with the Rules and Regulations is expected.
1. Guest Use of Premises.   The unrestricted use of the condominium’s common elements and recreational facilities by guests of unit owners or tenants has and does infringe on the rights of unit owners and renters to use the condominium’s facilities. For the purpose of regulating the use of the common elements and facilities of Tamarind Gulf and Bay Condominium by guests, the Board has determined the following Rules are reasonable and necessary to preserve the health, safety and beneficial use of the condominium property.
 A. All guests visiting residents and tenants staying overnight must so advise the Manager and may park only in the visitor parking areas.

 B. Only social guests as herein defined shall be permitted to use the common elements and recreational facilities of Tamarind Gulf and Bay, a Condominium.

 C. Social guests may use the common elements and recreational facilities only when the unit owner inviting them is in residence at the condominium. The unit owner who shall have invited a social guest or guests to use the common elements and recreational facilities is responsible for such guest at all times.

 D. The maximum number of social guests a unit owner may invite to use the facilities and common elements shall not exceed eight (8) at any time unless prior approval for a greater number is obtained in advance and in writing from the Board of Directors of the Association.

 E. A “social guest” shall be a person who is invited by a unit owner to socialize with the unit owner while the unit owner is in residence at the condominium. Any individuals occupying a unit while the unit owner is not in occupancy or in residence at the condominium shall be deemed renters or lessees whose occupancy must be approved pursuant to the provisions of Article XII of the Declaration of Condominium. In the exception, if a unit owner invites a guest to his or her unit at a time when the unit owner is absent from the premises, the unit owner must contact the Association by calling or writing the Manager or Management staff at the Tamarind office in advance. The name of the guest or guests and the dates during which the guest will be at the premises must be disclosed by the oral or written Communication referenced above. The unit owner inviting the guest must assure the Association the guest or guests are familiar with the Tamarind Rules and Regulations. The unit owner inviting the guest is and shall be responsible to the Association and other unit owners for any and all actions of

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the guest or guests at all times. Because units may be used only as a single-family residence pursuant to Article XI.A of the Declaration of Condominium, social guests shall not be permitted to reside in a unit for a period in excess of 14 days.

 F. For purposes hereof, “unit owner” shall mean only persons who own a fee-simple interest in a unit and their immediate family. The term “unit owner” does not include maintenance personnel, business partners, friends or employees of unit owners. If a unit is owned by a corporation or other entity, the “unit owner” shall be deemed to be the officer, director, partner, trustee or other person authorized by the said entity to reside
in the unit. In the event a unit is leased pursuant to a valid and approved lease, the tenant or lessee who
properly occupies a unit shall, for their period of occupancy, be deemed the “unit owner” for purposes of the foregoing rule.

 G. Guests must comply with all provisions of these Rules and Regulations and of all provisions of the Declaration of Condominium and other condominium documents. In addition to other relief remedies, fines may be levied against unit owners, guests and lessees in the event an owner, lessee or guest violates any of the Rules and Regulations of the Association or any provision of the Declaration of Condominium or other condominium documents of Tamarind Gulf and Bay Condominium.

 2. Rental Application. Forms are available from the Manager and must be completed and submitted by the owner or authorized agent. Each lease or rental must be for a minimum of two (2) weeks. Advance approval by the Board is required for the rental or lease of a unit, and the application must be completed and submitted by an owner or an owner’s authorized agent at least two (2) weeks in advance of arrival. No lease shall be approved, nor shall occupancy by anyone other than the unit owner or guest for time period identified above be permitted, unless the lease and occupancy is approved by the Board of Directors of the Association. In addition to other causes for disapproving a lease or occupancy, no lease or occupancy shall be approved until and unless all assessments past and due through the period of the proposed lease or rental are paid or their payment is provided for to the satisfaction of the Association.

 Condominium living does not suit everyone’s lifestyle. Therefore, as a matter of courtesy prospective tenants or guests must be informed, in advance of their arrival, that these Rules and Regulations apply to everyone using the premises. Infractions of these Rules and Regulations can and will result in fines for each occurrence of up to $100.00 per infraction being assessed against not only the individual violating the Rules or Regulations, but also against the unit owner.

 3. Parking.  Residents are restricted to two (2) permanent vehicles per unit. All vehicles on Tamarind property must be in operating condition, appearance must be properly maintained and have current registration and tags. Vehicles may be covered using only a cover specifically designed for that purpose. A key must be furnished to the Association office for any vehicle left on the property during the residents absence.

Parking permits are available at the Association office. All vehicles parked on the property must display a parking permit. The displaying of  Commercial or For Sale signs on any vehicle is prohibitited.  Parking spaces are assigned by unit number. Trucks over three-quarter ton, commercial trucks, camper trailers, Class A and Class C motor homes, trailers, boats, boat trailers, personal watercraft and personal watercraft trailers and all other marine vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the property overnight, except service contractors’ vehicles who are actually providing services to the condominium property.  Loading zones are marked and are restricted to 15 minute parking. Please be courteous to your neighbors by not abusing this convenience and avoid the unpleasant need of enforcement.  Handicap parking in front of the clubhouse is for clubhouse functions only or on a short term basis, overnight or long term parking is prohibited.

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 4. Maintenance of Appliances and Fixtures. Failure of unit owners to properly maintain and replace water heaters, air conditioning systems and toilet fixtures threaten damage to other units and the common elements of the condominium. To protect the condominium property, the Association has deemed it necessary to establish and set maintenance standards and guidelines as permitted pursuant to Section XVII.A(4) of the Declaration of Condominium with respect to water heaters, air conditioning systems and toilet fixtures. Unless otherwise approved or allowed by the Board of Directors of the Association, all water heaters must be replaced on or before same are 8 years old. Air conditioning systems and toilet fixtures must be
replaced prior to the expiration of their useful lives. In the event the foregoing items are not replaced or are not properly maintained, the Association may make such repairs or replacements to assure the safety of the condominium property and to prevent damage to the common elements of the condominium and other units. Any such repairs or replacements shall be at the expense of the owner of the unit to which the repairs or replacements are made.

 The Association is not responsible for any subsequent damage to or cost of repairs to adjacent units due to the willful acts of or negligence of a resident or due to the failure of any appliance or plumbing fixture contained within a unit that the unit owner has the sole responsibility to maintain. The Association will not act as a claim resolution broker between parties and all claims should be directed to each homeowner’s personal insurance company.
 5. Noise.  All persons must control all sound-making equipment, including radios, TV, ipods, etc. to the extent that the sound shall be audible only in their respective units. This includes porches, decks and lanais. Radio or ipods  may be used in the swimming area with the use of earphones only.
 6. Balconies and Patios.  Use of balconies or patios for storage of bicycles, rafts, and beach equipment or for hanging towels, clothing or swimsuits is prohibited.
 7. Halls and Stairwells. The halls and stairwells outside the individual units are not to be altered in any way nor used for storage of trash or personal effects.
 8. Laundry Rooms. Laundry facilities are to be used between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily. Please wipe down the washer and dryer and clean out all lint filters after each use. Turn out the lights and close the entrance door.

 9. Barbecue Grills.  Charcoal grills are provided on both sides of the condominium property. Please clean grills after use and put out the fire. For safety reasons, the use of Gas grills is absolutely prohibited. The use of charcoal grills on any patio, lanai or deck is prohibited. The use of electric grills is permitted on patios and lanais. Open fires on the grounds or parking area are not permitted.

 10. Clubhouse. (See Clubhouse Rules And Regulations)  Except for the purpose of using the Wifi system, the use of the  Clubhouse and its facilities must be arranged through the Manager. Persons applying for permission will be responsible for cleaning and any damage incurred. Please keep informed on the Rules governing the Clubhouse.

11. Recreational Facilities.

  A. Swimming Pool.  

   1) Please read and obey all posted rules. No lifeguard on duty swim at own risk.

   2) Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at least 18     years of age when using the swimming pool 

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   3) Shower before entering the pool. Do not enter pool with sun       lotion or cosmetics on.
   4) No glass permitted inside pool fence.

   5) No food or beverages in pool or on the pool wet deck area.

   6) No diving, jumping or running in or around the pool.

   7) No use of beach balls, inflatable rafts, etc. Swim noodles are permitted.

   8) No diapers permitted in pool, swim diapers must be used. Poolside tables are     not to be used for changing diapers.
   9) The fences or surrounding commons are not to be used for       drying towels and clothing.
   10) Portable radios and ipods at poolside are permitted if listened to through

   11) No pets allowed in the pool area.
   12) The maximum number of persons in the pool at one time is 24       people.
   13) For emergency help dial 911. The telephone is located next to the water      fountain in the box marked “Emergency” . Medical emergency gate release     button is located between clubhouse patio doors.
   14) Pool area is accessible with the use of your restricted access FOB from 8:00     a.m. to  9:00 p.m.  Swimming pool must be vacated at dusk. Swimming after     dusk is prohibited. You must  exit the pool area before 9:00 p.m.

  B. Boat Docks. (See Rules And Regulations For Boat Dock Use)

   1) Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult      at lease 18 years of age when on the boat docks.

2) Prior to occupying, boat dock slips must be reserved via the Reservation System on the Tamarind website @ tamarindnews.com.   Rules and Regulations for securing boats must be obtained from Manager before boat is docked.
  C. Clubhouse. (See Clubhouse Rules And Regulations) The clubhouse facility is accessible from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with the use of your restricted access FOB. The clubhouse is not a personal pool cabana,  No meals or picnics are allowed. Any party use must have prior approval by the  Manager. The facility is not to be used by children as a playroom.  Please care for it and treat it as you would your home. NO SMOKING is allowed in the Clubhouse. Clubhouse may not be entered with wet swimming attire. To enter restrooms, exit through west gate of pool area and enter west side door of the Clubhouse to the restrooms.

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 12. Grounds. All grounds on the condominium property, including lawns, planting beds and the plantings around the buildings and patios are maintained by the Association. Individuals are not to change these areas in any way or leave personal possessions in these areas.

 13. Additions and Alterations of Units. (See Architectural Guidelines) All additions, alterations and structural repairs, except for the interior of units, are the responsibility of the Association. No work of any kind is to be done upon the exterior building walls, interior boundary walls, balconies or terraces, without the specific approval of the Association.
 14. Public Areas.          For safety purposes, the sidewalks, entryways, driveways, courtyards, stairways, landings, corridors, elevators, parking and all other public areas are for the sole purpose of providing residents and guests with access only to their apartments and amenity areas. These areas cannot be obstructed in any manner by anyone at any time, i.e. no riding bicycles, no skateboards, roller skating or rollerblading, no playing, no football, baseball or soccer.

 15. Garbage and Recycling.          All  garbage and trash must be contained in plastic bags, securely tied, and disposed of in the rubbish containers located at the north end of each parking area adjacent to the main road (N. Beach Road) dividing the Gulf and Bay portions of Tamarind. Recycling bins are located in the trash container compound on the bay side of the property. The practice of recycling is encouraged.
 16. Toilets.  Do not flush anything in toilets except waste and toilet paper. Do not flush sanitary materials, diapers, paper towels, cigarette butts or any foreign objects. Use plastic bags for this purpose.
 17. Personal Belongs. All personal belongs must be stored in your apartment. No items may be stored in hallways, stairways or entranceways to apartments. Only usual patio furniture is allowed on porches and patios. No clothing, bathing suits, towels or equipment may be hung over balconies, railings or porch and patio furniture.

 18. Elevators. Children are not permitted to use elevators unless accompanied by an adult. Playing in elevators is dangerous and inconsiderate of your neighbors.
 19. Pets.          All pets must be on a leash at all times. Owners only are allowed pets and are responsible for cleaning up dog and cat droppings left on the grounds. No dog run is provided for this purpose. Pets which require access to the outside, such as cats and dogs or a mixed variety thereof, are limited to a maximum of two.  No pets or Animals of any kind are allowed by tenants.  All pets are prohibited on the beach (Charlotte County Article II. Sec 1-4-36).
 20. General. Open fires shall not be permitted on the grounds, beach, or on the boat docks. Inner courtyards are not designed as playgrounds and shall not be used as such. To preserve the right of unit owners, renters and guests to the peaceful enjoyment of the condominium property, no excessive noise shall be permitted, especially between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Excessive noise shall be such noise as shall constitute annoyance to a person of reasonable sensibilities.

 21. Administration.  The responsibility for the administration of the Condominium lies with the Board of Directors. The Board has delegated day-to-day details to the Manager, Ron Zion (telephone 475-2275). Any initial questions, requests, complaints should be addressed to the condominium Manager. If satisfaction cannot be obtained, a written request should be made to the Board. Please remember that minor irritations can often be alleviated by speaking directly to the person involved.

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 22. Responsibility.  Each unit owner is responsible for condominium property misused by them, their families, tenants or guests. Damage or defacement of any property will be directly chargeable to unit owners. In respect to families, tenants and/or guests, Tamarind Condominium Association may terminate occupancy and require a unit holder to cancel the lease and effect removal for any of the following causes:  
  A. Misrepresentation in the Application
  B. Obnoxious, lewd or offensive conduct
  C. Creating a nuisance
  D. Abuse of property
  E. Use of illegal narcotics
F. Disregard of Rules and Regulations of Tamarind Condominium Association or of any applicable governmental requirements or regulations.
 23. Hurricanes.  To reduce damage to buildings as these items could become projectiles, all patio furniture, decorations and personal items must be removed from patios, lanais and roof decks when
a hurricane or tropical force winds are forecasted. Please remove these items before leaving for the season.  The Association clubhouse will be secured and must not be used as a storm shelter.

 Association Management will abide by all official island evacuation orders, and the Association assumes no responsibility for residents who remain in violation of an evacuation order. The Association relegates all responsibility for notification of threatening weather and evacuation orders to the proper authorities. If an official evacuation is ordered, all utilities to the island are typically suspended. Draw bridges are closed when winds reach 50 mph.
 24. Fines and Penalties In the event of violation of these Rules and Regulations, the unit owner shall be immediately notified in writing that a violation exists. If within 72 hours the violation has not been corrected or written notification of intent is not received from the owner,  the unit owner shall be assessed a fine of Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00), of which said fine shall be levied on the basis of each day of a continuing violation to a maximum of $1000.00 as provided for in Florida Statute, the imposition of which shall not limit the remedies of the Tamarind Condominium Association in taking additional action, including action to enforce compliance with these Rules and to prohibit future violations thereof. See pages 13 and 14 of Bylaws for clarification.

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