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The summer season went by quickly here at Tamarind. Many owners and or their families spent time here this summer enjoying the island and all that the surrounding area has to offer. It has been a very wet summer, which helps the plant life thrive, but unfortunately delayed or extended the completion time of some of the summer projects.


It is a wonderful blessing to have a retreat on a tropical island that you can share with your family and friends. Although the subject of owner responsibility with regard to guest compliance with the Association Rules & Regulations is not a new subject and has been addressed on numerous previous occasions, it is apparent that it is necessary to once again address the subject.

The Association office received numerous complaints this summer about rules not being followed. They ranged from as simple as hanging towels and articles of clothing over railings and storing personal items in the hallways to the more serious infraction of using charcoal and gas grills on patios and balconies. Although the guilty parties were quick to correct the problem, the majority response was that “we didn’t know”. It would be highly advisable to place a copy of the Association Rules & Regulations in your unit in a conspicuous place and inform your guests where to find them and impress upon them the importance of reading and following them. The Rules & Regulations are not only designed to create a congenial and attractive community environment, but some rules are implicit to comply with State and Fire Code Regulations.


The pool deck recoating project was completed this summer as well as the sealing and re-striping of the driveway and parking area. Our maintenance man Mark following a prescribed method completed the pool project “in house”. He did a great job and also saved the Association a significant amount of money. A local contractor specializing in that field completed the driveway project. The completion of this project will extend the useful life of our driveway, but also presents a “neat and tidy” appearance to the property. The Association office has received several positive comments about the appearance. The replacement of the unsafe concrete walk areas also was completed. The wooden walkways leading to the beach also received a power washing and a wood sealer and UV protective coating. This not only has enhanced the appearance, but will also extend its useful life.

Paul from Coastal Lawn Service who has maintained the Association grounds for several years has also been busy this summer. He has been clearing planting beds of old vegetation and selectively replacing some of the older unhealthy plants. This activity is covered under his existing contract so the cost to the Association has only been the purchase of the plants. Paul acquires the plants at wholesale prices and the Association pays the nursery direct so this cost also has been negligible. The old dying shrubs in front of the clubhouse have also been removed and replaced with two Queen Royal Palms adorning each side of the front entrance for a dramatic effect and flowering Crown of Thorns were placed adjacent to the building wall with flowering annuals in front of them. The comments received in the Association office have been very complimentary.


Enclosed with this Newsletter you will also find the Statement for the Fourth Quarter Assessment. As a reminder your Assessment due dates are established in the Condominium Documents and the amount of the Assessment is established and published by the beginning of the next fiscal year. Although assessment statements are sent to you on the 10th of the month prior to the due date, this is merely a courtesy and a reminder. Assessments that are received after the 10th of the month will be assessed a late fee.

Wishing everyone a spectacular fall and a safe and healthy holiday season.

Board Of Directors