Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - SPRING 2003


DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS: For those members that may not already be aware. The recent election held at the Annual Association Meeting resulted in the reelection of the existing Directors. They are as follows:

John B. (Bernie) Shank - President

W. Don Martin - Vice President & Treasurer

Peter H. Hetzel - Secretary

Gerald L. Casper - Director

D. W. (Satch) Holcomb - Director

Robert (Joe) VanLeuven - Director

Carolyn James - Director


Rules and Regulations. With the approaching spring and summer season many of you have family members using your condo in your absence. Please make certain that your guests, especially teen age grandchildren, understand and follow the Rules & Regulations of the Association. It is YOUR responsibility as the owner to register your guests with the Association office and to make certain your guests follow the Pool Rules with regard to “conduct and hours of operation” as well as the Association rule regarding “quiet hours”, just to name a few.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. Many units are now beginning to experience window failure simply due to age. The Association is receiving calls from owners that their windows are leaking. Or complaining about water damage to interior walls as well as the appearance of mold and mildew as a result of window failure. If you will review Section XVII of your Declaration of Condominium, the maintenance and replacement of windows as well as the costs associated is the responsibility of each individual unit owner, and not that of the Association. There is a list of vendors available from the Association office if you need assistance.

Summer projects

No major projects are scheduled for this summer. We will be resurfacing the pool deck area. This should only interrupt the use of the pool for 24 - 48 hours. We will be doing this “in house” in an attempt to control cost. Several of the yard light posts will be replaced since they have rusted at the base and some are leaning. We will be working on the wooden steps leading to the beach to include power washing and applying a waterproof sealer. This will enhance the appearance as well as extend the useful life. Generally just performing the maintenance items that are best done during the “off season” when less people are in residence.