Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - WINTER 2004


PASSAGE OF YEAR 2005 BUDGET. The Board of Directors, at the Annual Budget meeting held in the Clubhouse on December 6, passed the 2005 Budget as proposed. This means the Proposed Budget will become the Final Budget for 2005. The quarterly assessments will again remain at $1030 for 2005. A copy of the Budget will be sent to you along with the Letter from the Treasurer.


RENTAL POLICY (#2 OF Tamarind Rules)

Rental Application - Forms are available from the Managers office and must be completed and submitted by the owner or authorized agent. Each lease or rental must be for a minimum of two (2) weeks. Advance approval by the Board is required for the rental or lease of a unit and the application must be completed and submitted by an owner or an owner’s authorized agent at least two (2) weeks in advance of tenant arrival.

RIGHT OF ENTRY (XXIX, A. Declaration of Condominium)

Emergency Access. If you change your locks they must be keyed to the Association Master Key and a key must be provided to the Association office. If an emergency requires access to your unit and entry cannot be gained via the passkey or the key on record, whatever method of access that the emergency dictated would be used and the cost of access or subsequent repairs would be borne by the unit owner.


Please remember to notify the Association Office if you have a change in your mailing address or telephone numbers so the Association records are accurate. If you want mail from the Association to be sent to your Tamarind address while you are here, please notify the Association office or it will be sent to your northern address. Many residents are in and out during the season and want all of their mail sent to their permanent address. The past practice of guessing your preference has not always proven successful.


We continue to have furniture, appliances and personal items placed next to the dumpsters. The waste removal company will not remove items outside of the dumpster, and if items are blocking the dumpster, they will not empty the dumpster. If there are items that you no longer want, but feel someone could use, donate them to a charitable organization. Please place all items inside of the dumpsters.


Please direct all requests for maintenance to the Association office and not to maintenance personnel. This way the request can be properly documented and the correct assets can be assigned to assure resolution.


The four hurricanes that we experienced this summer are continuing to have an effect on us at Tamarind. Since we spent six weeks this summer either preparing for or cleaning up after hurricanes many of our maintenance projects are behind, so patience will be needed for the minor inconveniences as this work continues.

The contractors that were scheduled to do some balcony repairs as well as the drainage project, the beach shower project, and the dumpster project are also way behind due to the storms after the spring concrete shortage and allocation. We are still being told that the work will be completed before Christmas. As frustrating as the delays have been, we need only remember how fortunate we were to only have minor cosmetic repairs to contend with, since many people are still without a place to call home.

Most of the plants and shrubs survived after being coated with salt, although many still do not look their best. Several of the verbena plants that make up the hedge along the road will need to be replaced and the entire hedge trimmed down to match the new plants.


Thanks to a lot of hard work, the grounds and clubhouse are festively decorated for the Holidays. Thanks to Lois Stiltz for chairing the decorating crew and crewmembers Dick Moore, Charley & Elizabeth Downs, Lucy Solomon, Virginia Martin, Pete Hetzel, Ron & Jean Zion, Bruce Pierson & Bob Shaw. Thanks to all that have helped in past years as well, your efforts are not forgotten.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Board of Directors