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As this letter is being written, another “category 4” hurricane, namely Frances, is cautiously being monitored since its chosen path is yet to be determined. As you probably know we at Tamarind were extremely lucky. Only a slight variation in the guiding winds would have brought the storm directly onto our shore with winds in excess of 140 miles an hour. So we feel blessed to be here and be reporting only minor aluminum damage, which is being repaired by workers as we write this newsletter.

On that subject, much work is required by a limited few to prepare the property for a storm. As not to bore you with an itemized checklist, essentially anything that could become airborne is placed in the clubhouse or secured in some manner. After the storm has passed, the work begins to reverse the process only without the pre-storm urgency, in addition to cleaning and restoring the grounds. As we prepared for the storm, the telephone was “ringing off the hook” from individual owners requesting that furniture and decorative items that were left on their respective porches, decks and lanais would also be secured. With the Association property taking precedence, time and the “order to evacuate” rendered most requests unanswered. When you leave you must make certain that ALL of your personal items are removed from your private outdoor spaces. When a hurricane is forecasted, which would obviously include high winds, high tides and turbulent surf, please remove your boats from the Association docks to reduce the risk of damage to our docks and pilings.


OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. When an “order to evacuate” has been issued, it is the position of this Board that the order must be followed. The clubhouse is NOT a storm shelter and any requests to use as such are categorically denied. The Association, its Board of Directors and Management assumes no responsibility for the safety or welfare of any resident that chooses to remain in defiance of an “Official Evacuation Order.” The notification of an “order to evacuate” is relegated to the proper officials via the method that they deem warranted. The Association, its officers or its management assumes no responsibility to notify individual residents that an “evacuation order” has been issued.


Rule #3 of the Tamarind Gulf & Bay Condominium Association “Rules & Regulations” declares among other things, that trailers, boats, boat trailers or any other type of recreational vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the property overnight. Although in an attempt to accommodate a late arrival or early morning departure, this Board has taken a position of leniency in “enforcement to the letter” of the not overnight rule, to the intent of the rule to convey storing, staging or long-term parking is prohibited. In other words load or unload and remove it from the property. However, it is obvious that some have chosen to abuse this convenience or ignore the rule altogether. Please re-read and follow this rule so you do not spoil the in-transit privilege for everyone else.


The painting of the aluminum shingles, trim and railings on the buildings as well as the pool fence is complete, and is a dramatic improvement to the appearance of Tamarind. The drainage, beach shower and targeted balcony and patio repair projects, is slated to be completed by the end of September. The beach deck, commonly known as the “bull pen”, had deteriorated to the point that replacing was in order. This project is underway and progressing. The process of removing and replacing “tired” plants and shrubs is on going and progressing also. The dumpster fencing project is bogged down due to permit issues, but we are confident that this will be resolved and this project will progress as well.

The fall season has arrived quickly and it is already time for the fourth quarter Maintenance Statement, which is enclosed. . Enjoy this season wherever you are and soon, many of you will be heading to Tamarind for the winter.


Board of Directors