Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - SPRING 2004



1) TERM OF OFFICE. The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse on Friday, February 27. As you recall from the agenda that you received, line item #5 called for a lottery draw to determine the term of office for the newly elected Directors. The 2004 Directors and Executive Officers and their length of term are as follows.

John B. (Bernie) Shank, President One Year

Don Martin, Vice President & Treasurer Two Years

Peter Hetzel, Secretary Three Years

Carolyn James, Asst. Secretary Three Years

D. W. (Satch) Holcomb, Director Three Years

Joe Vanleuven, Director One Year

Jerry Casper, Director Two Years

President Shank thanked everyone present at the meeting and to all of the Owners for the outstanding response to the Proxy Vote. The proposal from the owners of D124 to alter their lanai was approved by the membership by a margin of eighty-two (82) to six (6) and approved unanimously by the Board.

2) RULES & REGULATIONS. The recorded “Rules & Regulations” of Tamarind Gulf and Bay Condominium is a legal entity of the “Condominium Documents”. The Florida Statutes mandate their existence and provide a clear course of action for an Association to force compliance. The adherence to each of these “rules and regulations” is not an option but rather an obligation. It is the responsibility of each owner to make certain that everyone that visits or leases their unit understands and follows these rules.

Rules exist to comply with Florida Statutes and with State and County health, safety and fire regulations. Rules exist for the preservation of the common elements and your investment. But more important rules exist for the preservation of your rights and the rights of your neighbor to have quiet, peaceful and harmonious enjoyment of their home and surroundings. Be respectful of your neighbors and fellow owners and eliminate the “unpleasantness” that results with the avoidable need for enforcement.

3) ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE It was decided that an architectural committee should be formed. The function of this committee is to review project requests, make certain that procedures are followed with regard to “Association Documents” and ensure uniformity. The Committee shall consist of one (1) Board member, who will act as chairman, and Two (2) Owners. The Committee will operate under the direct charter of the Board of Directors. Director D. W. (Satch) Holcomb has volunteered to chair the committee for the first year. If any owner is interested in serving on the committee, please send a letter of intent and a resume to Director Holcomb in care of the Association office.


1) PAINTING In a continual effort to maintain the attractive appearance of our community, the brown-shingled areas on the buildings will be painted this summer as well as all the railings on the decks and balconies. As many of you have noticed, these areas have become faded and unsightly. This work is scheduled to begin in May and will continue until completed. Any inconvenience that this work may cause during your summer visit is regrettable, but unavoidable and your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

2) DOCKS We will be doing some work on the boat docks this summer. Due to deterioration caused by the elements and a safety concern, we will be replacing the bolts on the stringer supports and replacing or adding stringer supports as needed.

3) LANDSCAPING We will continue the process this summer of updating our landscaping with the removal and replacement of “tired” and diseased plants and shrubs. We will also be working on solving some of the drainage issues that plague certain areas of the property.


1) BOAT RAMP As a result of “unauthorized” use of our boat-launching ramp and under the advisement of our Attorney to eliminate our exposure to liability, the ramp has been secured with a lock and chain. The key is located in the clubhouse on the wall next to the refrigerator. If you need to use the ramp, obtain the key and return it when you are done. The clubhouse is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. everyday.

2) HALLS AND WALKWAYS Due to “safety and fire” code regulations the placing of any personal items in the halls and walkways of any building is strictly prohibited.

This is also a violation of the Tamarind “Rules and Regulations” and subjects the Association to penalties and fines for this code violation. This includes decorative items such as plants, pottery and statutes. Please remove these items. If after being notified and these items remain, the Association will remove and dispose of these items to bring the building into compliance.

Have a great spring season and for those of you that were lucky enough to spend the winter here at Tamarind, have a safe journey home.

Board of Directors