Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - WINTER 2005


PASSAGE OF YEAR 2006 BUDGET. The Board of Directors, at the Annual Budget meeting held in the Clubhouse on December 5, passed the 2006 Budget as proposed. This means the Proposed Budget will become the Final Budget for 2006. The quarterly assessments have changed to $1070 for 2006. A copy of the Budget and the Letter from the Treasurer are enclosed as well as the first quarter 2006 maintenance fees notice.


RENTAL POLICY (#2 OF Tamarind Rules)

Rental Application - Forms are available from the Managers office and must be completed and submitted by the owner or authorized agent. Each lease or rental must be for a minimum of two (2) weeks. Advance approval by the Board is required for the rental or lease of a unit and the application must be completed and submitted by an owner or an owner’s authorized agent at least two (2) weeks in advance of tenant arrival.


Please remember to notify the Association Office if you have a change in your mailing address or telephone numbers so the Association records are accurate. If you want mail from the Association to be sent to your Tamarind address while you are here, please notify the Association office or it will be sent to your northern address. Many residents are in and out during the season and want all of their mail sent to their permanent address. The past practice of guessing your preference has not always proven successful.


It is important to review the Association documents and the Rules & Regulations of the Association when you are considering the remodeling of your unit so you are familiar with what constitutes personal property and what is common property. As a quick reference anything past your interior drywall is common or limited common property and cannot be altered. It is also the responsibility of an individual owner to hire only licensed contractors and to assure that all local and state zoning and permit requirements are complied with. To hire a contractor that will supervise his employees and subcontractors so they will conduct themselves in a professional manner while they are on the property and respect the rights of the other owners. It is also the owner’s responsibility to educate their contractor that no work is to begin before 8:00 A. M. and must cease at sunset and that the staging of material on the grounds, walkways, stairways and hallways is absolutely prohibited. That these areas must be clean and maintained at all times and any damage to the common areas will be their responsibility to repair.


I have had the pleasure and sometimes displeasure of attending many Association meetings over the years, and I find it necessary to commend the residents of Tamarind for the manner in which they conduct themselves in our meetings. As with all Associations the Officers and Directors subject themselves to personal liability as a fiduciary and have to make decisions that are not always easy. They must devote personal time to conduct the business of the Association and they do this without compensation. At almost every meeting the Board is recognized for their efforts, thanked for their dedication, their excellent stewardship and receive a round of applause. This simple act of courtesy is not done in every Association, but it is done at Tamarind. Maybe this is the reason that we enjoy a dedicated and successful team to serve on the Board at Tamarind.

It has been an exceptionally busy year at Tamarind with many completed projects, unexpected maintenance issues that required attention as well as many contractors on property renovating owner’s units. But it has been a very successful year, the property looks great, we were blessed to escape another devastating hurricane season and I am excited about the improvements planned for 2006. Have a wonderful holiday season. Ron.


Thanks to a lot of hard work, the grounds and clubhouse are festively decorated for the Holidays. Thanks to Lois Stiltz (a.k.a. Martha Stewart) for chairing the decorating committee again this year and for her hard work. Thanks to Dick Moore, John & Lucy Solomon, Becky Tucker, Norm & Helen Grew, Pete & Sally Hetzel, Ron & Jean Zion, Bud & Sandra Tishkowski and Bruce & Carol Pierson who also served as worker elves. Thanks to all that have helped in past years as well, your efforts are not forgotten.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Board of Directors