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Enclosed with this newsletter is the 4th quarter maintenance assessment reminder.



The renovation of the carports is nearing completion. The aluminum installers and the painters and the steel installers have been able to progress cohesively until just recently. The steel supplier experienced material delays and as a result the progress has slowed. The steel has finally arrived and is being fabricated and hopefully will arrive on sight and is installed the week after Labor Day, which will complete the structural repairs. The few remaining aluminum roof panels and fascia can then be completed and the painters can finalize touch up.


The project of removing all of the plants and the invasive asparagus fern that had taken over the B3, 4 & 5 buildings and replacing them with new plants and shrubs is complete. There are still some areas along the corridors between the A1 & A2 and the A2 & A3 buildings that have been taken over by the asparagus fern and those areas will be addressed next summer, which will complete phase 2 of the project, and the entire property will finally be free of asparagus fern. This fern had attached itself to the roots of the plants and shrubs, as well as the underground electrical, water and sewage lines so the removal was slow and painstaking. The process of removing old tired shrubs throughout the property will be ongoing. Paul is in the process of the fall trimming of all of the shrubs and plants.

We find it necessary to remind everyone that the planting beds and the landscaping surrounding the buildings is common condominium property. The alteration of these areas in any way without the written approval from the Board of Directors is strictly prohibited. (See Tamarind Rules & Regulations Rule 12). This includes the placing of plants, trees, shrubs, potted plants, ornaments, landscaping materials and any other personal items. Items placed in these areas will be removed by the Association and disposed of.


The installation of drainage tile on the beach and bay side of the property and adjacent to the pool is complete with the exception of two yard drains remaining on the east side of the B6 building. The installation of these tiles and drains has successfully solved our standing water problems, which have been well tested this summer, and eliminated the water running down the sidewalk in front of the clubhouse when the pool filters are back flushed. The replacing of the crushed aluminum downspout extensions with permanent p.v.c. pipe on every downspout of every building has been completed with the exception of portions of 3 buildings and these will be completed very soon. The replacing of damaged blocks in the parking lot French drains is next on the agenda and will also be completed very soon.


The building permit to construct the block and stucco walls to enclose the dumpsters has been denied by the Charlotte County Zoning Board. We have respectfully challenged their decision in writing and are awaiting a response. Until it is resolved, this project cannot move forward.


All developer installed dryer vents for which the Association has the responsibility to maintain were professionally cleaned this summer and any necessary repairs were also done. This consisted of all of the dryer vents in the two story buildings as well as the community laundries on each floor of the three story buildings. This will increase the performance of the dryers and promote safe operation.


Although the material has been purchased to replace unsightly boards on the decks and to replace the unsafe ladders that were removed, time has not afforded the completion of this project. We are hopeful that we can still complete this before the middle of October before many of the boaters return for the winter.


As you can tell by the list of projects, this has been a very busy summer at Tamarind. In an effort to control costs, many of the projects are completed in house by our one full time and one part time maintenance team, with me acting as project manager and chief procurement officer. These projects are completed in addition to their regular routine maintenance duties that also must be performed. In an effort to reduce cost we also terminated our pool maintenance contract with an outside pool company and with the exception of major repairs, we are also doing this in house. We also have had to replace several lighting fixtures around the property for which I contribute their condition and early demise to be a direct result of the wind driven salt from last summer’s hurricane force winds. We also have been replacing several more storage doors this summer that have deteriorated due to exposure.

Many owners also experienced window leaks for which I also contribute to the strong winds of last summer. This requires the removal and replacement of the caulking around the windows that has cracked, and this work has also been done. For safety reasons we rely on outside vendors to perform this task and any resulting repairs to interiors is also done by outside contractors for which we are still waiting. Although we have long term relationships with our service providers and they make every effort to accommodate us, the delay in getting some things done can be maddening since we are at the mercy of their schedule, not ours. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain competent and timely results from our service providers. It seems that all of them have more work than they can handle and are experiencing difficulty in hiring employees. Many have lost employees because they have moved from the area as a result of exorbitant housing costs and they can no longer afford to live here. I am hearing this not only from our contractors, painters, plumbers and electricians, but also from restaurant owners, service stations, professional offices and banks. It has gone from not just being frustrating due to long waiting periods for work to be done, to being a serious condition. This is another reason that we attempt to do as much as possible in house. So patience must be the order of the day, which is a gift that I am not exactly blessed with. You’ve heard the prayer “Lord give me patience and do it quick”. Regards, Ron

Have a great fall.

Board of Directors