Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - SUMMER 2005




Enclosed is the reminder invoice for the Third Quarter Maintenance Fee. You will notice that the term reminder is underlined. The due date for Tamarind maintenance fees are established in the Association Bylaws and the due date never changes. The established maintenance fee due dates are January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Each owner has the responsibility for payment of maintenance fees when they are due and the validity of the due date is not predicated on receiving an invoice. As a courtesy the Association includes an invoice with the quarterly Newsletter, but it seems that many are under the misconception that maintenance fees are only due and payable when a statement is received. So for many failure to receive a statement, or misplacing it, or the dog ate it are legitimate excuses for not paying Maintenance Fees when they are due. Late payment of Maintenance Fees is becoming an increasing problem by greater numbers and the collection costs to the Association for additional statements, postage and many times attorney fees is increasing. Please be advised that if payment is not Received by the Association before the 10th of the month in which it is due, a Fifty Dollar ($50.00) late fee will be assessed and your account will be turned over to the Association Attorney for collection and all associated costs will also be due and payable. The Boards fiduciary responsibility to the entire Membership is paramount.



The extensive removal of tired shrubs is well underway. The beach side of the property is the primary focus since it was still populated with the invasive asparagus fern, which not only created an unkempt appearance but also was literally choking the plants. Although a Landscape Design company created and presented a master landscape plan to the Association, the decision was made to use Paul Gibbs of Coastal Lawn Service to perform the actual work. Paul has maintained the lawn at Tamarind for over 14 years and is most familiar with underground utilities and irrigation. Although the completion time will be extended since the work is primarily done on weekends with casual labor, the cost savings are significant for both the labor and materials, since plants, trees and shrubs can be purchased wholesale. This work will continue on going as time, weather and funds permit.

A reminder on the subject of landscaping. The lawn and shrub areas are common areas of the Association and the individual alteration of these areas by private planting of plants; the removal or cutting of plants and shrubs or the placing of ornaments in these areas is strictly prohibited.


The required engineering, specifications and site plans are completed for the removal and replacement of the carport roof pans as well as for the construction of block and stucco walls to enclose the trash dumpsters and recycling bins areas and are in the hands of the County Government. We are impatiently waiting for the building permits to be issued so the work can begin.


The Rules and Regulations of the Association are applicable year round and the required adherence to or the enforcement of these rules is not predicated on the occupancy levels of the

Association. In other words the Rules apply in summer, spring, winter or fall, and rather 10 units or 145 units are occupied. Please follow the rules and see that your tenants, guests and family members including grandchildren also follow the rules.


As some of you are aware, the target date of June 1 to have the first phase of the Website, specifically the boat slip reservation system, up and running has been delayed. The decision was made to engage the services of an alternate Website designer and this has delayed the target date. Hopefully it will be completed, tested and online very soon.


The hurricane season has begun once again and forecasters have predicted another active season. Please remind your guests and family members or your condo watcher or rental manager to remove all items from patios, lanais and decks when the unit is not occupied.


As a licensed Realtor, I am very aware of the recent trends in the local markets and recent sale prices of new and existing units on the Key. Although the geographic location and demand plays an important part in property value, the general appearance, maintenance and condition of a property as well as the financial stability of an Association also plays an intricate part in the desirableness and the marketability of a property and the price that it can command. Recent sales at Tamarind as well as the short time that a unit stays on the market is evidence that Tamarind continues to command “top dollar” and continues to be one of if not the premiere property on the Key. This has not happened by accident. This can only happen with focused dedication of a Board of Directors with a singular goal who is supported by its members. Being a Director of an Association is a time consuming volunteer position and is not for the weak spirited. But it does not need to be a “thankless” job as well. Each Director has their own personality and talents and you may not always agree with every decision or mannerism, but their success as a group is undeniable. The next time you see your neighbor who happens to also be a Director, thank them for their stewardship. Take it from someone who knows, there are many Associations that are not successful and many are in serious financial trouble.

Have a great summer!

Board of Directors