Home Newsletter NEWSLETTER - SPRING 2005


SECOND QUARTER. Enclosed with this newsletter is the invoice for the Second quarter of 2005, which is due on April 1st. Also enclosed is a copy of the General Rules and the Rules And Regulations For Boat Dock Use. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and keep a reference copy in your apartment for guests and tenants.

ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting was held on February 25, 2005 in the Tamarind Clubhouse. On the agenda was the proxy vote for the alteration of unit D116 to convert a Limited Common Element to Private Property by enclosing the lanai and extending their living room. The required 75% vote necessary was not achieved and was therefore defeated.

Also on the agenda was the election for three seats on the Board of Directors. There were two three-year terms and the balance of the vacated and appointed term, which has two years remaining. The candidates receiving the most votes will serve for three years and the candidate receiving the least winning votes will serve the balance of the two-year term. The winning candidates, listed in the order of votes received were Lois Stiltz, Bruce Pierson and Billie Wade

DIRECTORS MEETING. To comply with our Bylaws, immediately following the Annual Meeting the Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors was held where the Directors elected the executive officers of the Board. The Officers and Directors for 2005-2006 are as follows.

Don Martin President & Treasurer

Lois Stiltz Vice President

Peter Hetzel Secretary

Bruce Pierson Assistant Secretary

Jerry Casper Director

W. D. (Satch) Holcomb Director

Billie Wade Director

The other item on the Board Meeting agenda was the Reserve expenditures for 2005. The only expected expenditure was to replace the deteriorating pan roofs and mansard on the carports. Building Code changes due to the recent hurricanes has altered our original plans and bids. As a result new bids will be required and the decision on how to proceed was tabled until further details become available.

RULE CHANGES. The Directors met on January 28, 2004 and February 10, 2005 for the purpose of reviewing recommended changes to the General Rules and to discuss changes to the Boat Dock Rules. The changes were made to the Boat Dock Rules to comply with our Dock Lease with the State of Florida and to achieve better utilization of our Docks due to the recent increase in demand for slips. Enclosed is a copy of the General Rules and the Boat Dock Rules reflecting the changes. We are in the process of developing a Website with a dock slip reservation system, which will later be expanded to a full Tamarind Website. Once the preliminary Website is completed, you will receive notification and details on the implementation of the new dock slip reservation policy and system.

PROJECTS. Progress is being made on the projects that had been slated for completion last summer. As most of you are aware last summer’s hurricanes interrupted our progress. Repairs to targeted balconies are in process and the beach shower project is complete. Yet to be done is the installation of drainage tile in the Bayside courtyard as well as enclosing the dumpster and recycling areas. The replacement of old plants, shrubs and mulch will also continue at a more aggressive pace this spring.

CHARITY MEMORIAL. With limited success the Association, upon the passing of a current Member or their spouse, has donated a memoriam to charity. Many times the Association is not aware of the passing, and there are times when a charity is not designated or determinable, and still other times no memorials are accepted. It is the decision of the Board that a memorial donation to charity will only be made when the Association is contacted directly by a remaining spouse or family member informing them of the passing and providing the preferred charity information. A notice of the passing and the donation to charity will be noted in the Newsletter. This policy should reduce the risk of offending someone due to an oversight on the part of the Association.

The Association received notice of the recent passing of Leonard “Tuck” Tucker and a donation to the Cancer Society was made in his honor. We extend our condolences to his wife Becky and to the Tucker family.

Have a great spring season.

Board of Directors