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TREASURER'S LETTER  A copy of a letter from President and Treasurer Don Martin is enclosed.


PASSAGE OF YEAR 2015 BUDGET   The Board of Directors, at the Annual Budget Meeting held in the Clubhouse on November 17, 2014 passed the 2015 Budget as proposed. A copy of the Final 2015 Budget is enclosed. The Quarterly Assessments will remain at $1600.00 for 2015.  As mandated in our Documents the Quarterly Assessments are due on or before January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 each year.


ASSESSMENT PAYMENTS   New Payment Coupon Books for 2015 have been ordered and you should receive yours soon. For those owners who have previously signed up for automatic payment withdrawal, no action is necessary on your part. The authorization remains in place until you choose to cancel it, you will not be receiving a payment coupon book .


If do not receive your coupon book within the next two weeks please contact the Association office via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via the website at tamarindnews.com or via telephone at 941-475-2275 so we can resolve the problem. Many Members have taken advantage of automatic payment withdrawal so their payments are automatically withdrawn from their bank account when they are due. You can sign up for this service at anytime and the necessary form is included with your coupons.  


Additional payment options and BB & T contact information is available in the NEWS section on the Tamarind website at tamarindnews.com.


QUESTIONAIRE  Enclosed with this Newsletter is a Committee Questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire,  which is explained in further detail on the questionnaire, is to poll the Membership to determine the level of interest.  



PAINTING & BALCONY REPAIRS  The painting of the exterior of all of the buildings including lanais, railings and entrance doors is drawing to a close and will be finished before Christmas. The buildings were power washed and then inspected. Windows were re-caulked and any stucco issues were repaired. The buildings were  then coated with a primer coat and then a finish coat, so essentially the buildings are painted twice. All balcony and lanai screens were removed, framing painted and new screen installed. The buildings look as good as new.


As previously stated in the prior Newsletter several balconies were found to be deteriorated and had to be restored. Most owners were pleased that the work was being done and thankful that Tamarind has the financial ability to properly maintain the buildings and amenities.  A few owners seemed to take issue with these repairs and especially the time span to complete and of course theirs should take priority. Perhaps a quick explanation of the process will shed a little light on the subject.


Once the discovery is made the first step is the scheduling of the structural engineer. Then the scheduling of the contractor to carefully remove the aluminum shingles, as they are no long available, and remove the framed walls that rest on the balcony. Then the masonry contractor begins the demolition. Once the demolition is thought to be done, the engineer than inspects the structure and draws the plans for restoration which are then submitted to the appropriate authorities for permitting. Once the permitting process is complete the masonry contractor then returns and follows the prescribed engineered plan for rebar placement and attachment then builds, installs and braces the concrete forms. Once this is done the engineer must then return and inspect and approve the work. The concrete is poured which must then set undisturbed for 28 days for proper curing. Once the curing time has passed the slab is inspected and if approved the forms are removed. The painting contractor then applies a sealer to the concrete. After two days the framing contractor can reframe, sheath and weatherize the wall structure. The masonry contractor then performs the necessary stucco replacement. Once this is done the aluminum trim is applied and the aluminum shingles are reinstalled. Then the railing fabricator arrives and builds and installs the railing. Once this is done the painters touch up the areas needed and seals and paints the stucco repairs. The screen installer than comes and installs the new screen completing the project. This procedure must be followed on each balcony that is done. To expedite the process up to four balconies at a time were in various stages of the process which to the uninformed it may appear that work is unnecessarily delayed. Considering all of the trades involved, the agencies and engineering as well as dealing with the conflicting schedules the fact that the first balcony began the end of June and all will be completed before Christmas in retrospect is quite a feat and the coordination efforts although frustrating at times were highly successful. Keeping in mind while this is going on that summer time is also when many owners have contractors on site remodeling their units and replacing windows which always will involve Tamarind staff in one way or another.


PARKING   The time of high occupancy within the community is approaching so unless there is a specific reason such as an infirmity, please make it a practice to park in your assigned carport and leave the open parking for overflow and your guests and your neighbor’s guests. Remember to obtain your parking permit and guest parking permits from the office. The property is posted with signs that a parking permit is required and violators are subject to towing.


WATER HEATERS  A reminder to check the age of your water heater. If its 7th birthday has past it would be wise to replace it. Better safe than sorry.


IN MEMORIUM  The Association wishes to acknowledge the passing of  ELIZABETH KOEHLER. Mrs. Koehler was an owner and resident at Tamarind since 1989. Our condolences to Kit and the Koehler family.


Have a wonderful Holiday season.

Board of Directors