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A reminder that your Third Quarter of 2016 Maintenance fee in the amount of $1,800.00 is due on or before July 1st.  Please use your coupon and send your payment to the bank if you have not made arrangements for auto withdrawal.  Welcome new owners. You should be receiving  a Payment Book containing Coupons for the last two Quarters of 2016 before your July 1st due date. If you do not just send your payment to the Tamarind Association office at 2955 N Beach Rd. , Englewood, FL 34223.




During the Board of Directors Meeting held on March 28, 2016, the selection for materials to be used on the "bump out project" was finalized as outlined in the Spring 2016 Newsletter, a copy of which is available on the website at


Responding to owner requests the Directors voted to install bike racks on the property. Two racks will be placed across from the maintenance workshop on the bay side of the property and one rack will be placed at the end of the carport at the south entrance on the beach side of the property. Responding to complaints of bikes being stashed under the stairs and the fact that this does present a safety hazard bikes will no long be permitted to be stored under the stairs in the "A" Buildings. The Note! reference under Section 4.3 of the Architectural Guidelines granting permission has been removed. A new page is attached so you can update the Architectural Guidelines in your Documents.


Responding to owner requests to have the ability to choose vinyl constructed hurricane windows when replacing their windows, due to the quality integrity of vinyl hurricane windows and the interior decorating color options while complying with the dark brown exterior requirement, the Board voted to grant this change. Section 5.1 of the Architectural Guidelines was changed to read "DARK BROWN bronze in color either aluminum or VINYL. A new page containing these changes is enclosed so you can update your Architectural Guidelines.








The project beginning with building A4 consisting of the  removal of the aluminum shingles, addressing any deterioration with structural and or sheeting, weather sealing and installing new substrate shake shingles is progressing well. Once the construction and roofing portion is complete our painting contractor will then paint them to blend with the other buildings. Once this building is complete, the Board will then be in a better position to formulate a plan based on costs and available funds to complete the remaining 14 other buildings at a quicker pace.




The drainage project consisting of installing an underground drainage system to attach to all of the downspouts on the courtside of the B8 building and then re-grading the area to channel water has been designed and contracted. This will solve the ongoing  problem of flooding and standing water at the rear of the B8 building and side of the D1 building in the pool courtyard that has been a problem for years. Once all of the underground work and grading is complete the area will receive new sod. This project should be started by the end of June.


CARPORTS.  In addition to maintaining their other maintenance demands around the property the staff is working on power washing the support posts and vinyl siding on all of the carports and then prepping and painting the support posts.


RIP-RAP.  The beach front rip-rap has been inspected by a coastal engineering firm and found to be in excellent condition. If the beach renourishment program were to be completed within the next two years then no remedial action would be recommended. However, considering the fact that it could be as long as five years, they recommended that additional rocks could be added nesting them in certain areas of the existing rocks. As with all maintenance needs at Tamarind, we will proceed with this recommendation.  The permitting process has already begun and the Board is awaiting the official estimated cost from a coordinated relationship between our contractor and the engineers.


RUMORS.  Although rumors are common in a community and typically do not cause concern and soon fade away to make way for the next one they are never addressed. However, there are rumors going around Tamarind that the owners will soon be faced with a substantial special assessment reported to be close to $50,000.00 and this has reached Tamarind owners in all parts of the country causing some to panic and consider selling their units. The reason is reportedly to put in a sea wall and to pay for the bump out project. This is absolutely false and not based on any fact. There is no special assessments in the forecast, no discussion on the subject by the Directors because there is no need for a special assessment. Tamarind is well funded and all capital improvements are planned and forecasted by the Board so, barring a natural disaster, to never have a need for a special assessment at Tamarind. This rumor needs to cease immediately as it could enter the market place and affect Tamarind property values.




Betty Downs

The Board wishes to acknowledge the passing of long time Tamarind owner and winter resident Betty Downs. Betty passed after an extended battle with Alzheimer's disease. Betty was a regular at Bridge games at Tamarind. She was a very active member of her church and served on many committees at the church and in her community of Pana , Illinois. Our condolences to Charlie and the Downs family. In her honor, a memorial gift has been sent to the Jim Downs Memorial Scholarship Fund.


Bruce Pierson

The Association has just received word of the passing of former Tamarind Director and current Chairman of the Tamarind Architectural Committee Bruce Pierson. Bruce fought a valiant fight after being recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. Bruce was an avid fisherman and often set crab traps out in front of Tamarind. Bruce was very visible around Tamarind when he was in residence. The Board of Directors wishes to extend our condolences to Carol and the Pierson family.



Have a great Summer.

Board of Directors