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Reminder to send your Fourth Quarter Maintenance Fee, which is due on or before October 1st, along with your coupon to BB & T Bank. To our new owners who do not have a coupon book please mail to the Association Office. New Coupon Books will be sent to each owner of record prior to the First Quarter January 2017 due date. You can also sign up for automatic payment withdrawal at any time during the year, a form is included in your Coupon Book.




If you would prefer to receive the Newsletter via email rather than through the post office mail, simply send an email to the Association office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide your chosen email address. The Association email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is the preferred method of communication for requests to the Association.




Gulf realty has informed the Board of Directors that they have decided to discontinue the 25 year old relationship with Tamarind. Gulf Realty has been unsuccessful in retaining the sales and or rental business volume necessary and feel that they can no longer justify the remuneration arrangement with Tamarind. As always the Membership is free to choose which agent or agency that they wish to handle their individual sales and or rental needs, however effective November 1, 2016 the Association office will no longer be a branch office of Gulf Realty and all referrals to Gulf Realty from solicitations presented to the Association office via email, our website or visits to the office will cease. Our Manager, Ron Zion's Real Estate License that allowed this arrangement to exist will no longer be used for this purpose and his relationship with Gulf Realty will also cease effective November 1, 2016.




As stated in the Tamarind “Articles of Incorporation” and “Rules and Regulations” all potential renters must complete a “Rental Approval Application” and submit it to the Board of Directors for approval prior to occupying any unit. The minimum rental period is TWO WEEKS. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to comply with this requirement and to make certain that any agent that you engage for the purpose of soliciting a renter for your unit is in compliance. It is also the responsibility of each owner to comply with the federal and state laws and county ordinances concerning the soliciting of tenants and the collection and reporting of the required sales and transient taxes. Severe government sanctions and penalties will apply for noncompliance.




Tamarind has been fortunate in regaining some sand on the beach this summer. The recent tropical storm has been bad news for some of our neighbors but a blessing to Tamarind as additional sand has appeared and Tamarind has a respectable beach once again. Let us hope that this trend continues.






The project beginning with building A4 consisting of the removal of the aluminum shingles, addressing any deterioration with structural and or sheeting, weather sealing and installing new substrate shake shingles as well as new roofing shingles is complete. Painting is progressing between rain storms and should also be complete in another week. Not only will this solve any water or pest infiltration problems, it also has given the building a neat updated appearance as well.




The drainage project consisting of installing an underground drainage system and then re-grading the area to channel water to solve the long ongoing problem of flooding and standing water at the rear of the B8 building and side of the D1 building in the pool courtyard and installing new sod has been completed.


Left over soil from this project was then transferred to the beach front side of the property and installed to replace the erosion that took place last winter during a tropical storm. Additional soil was brought in and the area was re-graded and new sod installed. 




In addition to maintaining their other maintenance demands around the property the staff is working on power washing the support posts and vinyl siding on all of the carports and then prepping and painting the support posts. This project is progressing well and should be completed by the middle of October.




In an continuous effort to maintain and improve the appearance of the Tamarind property some replacement of tired and or poor performing plants are scheduled to be completed by the first of October. We also have a diseased palm that is scheduled to be removed and replaced to prevent spreading to other palms. The bottlebrush tree at the front of the D building is also diseased and could present a safety concern or damage to the building is also scheduled to be removed




All of the dryer vents in the laundry rooms in the three story building, all of the dryer vents in the individual units in the two story buildings and any private dryer vents that individual owners requested to be included in the cleaning project has been completed.




The air conditioning condensation lines in each unit is also being cleaned this summer. This project is ongoing with only a few buildings remaining to be done.



It is difficult to believe that fall is here and many will soon be making plan to return to Tamarind for the winter season, wishing everyone safe journeys.



Board of Directors