A reminder that your Second Quarter of 2016 Maintenance fee in the amount of $1,800.00 is due on or before April 1st.  Please use your coupon and send your payment to the bank if you have not made arrangements for auto withdrawal.  Unless you are a new owner who has not received a coupon book, Do not send your payments to the Association office.


To comply with our Bylaws, the Annual Meeting and Election of Directors was held on February 26, 2016 in the Tamarind Clubhouse. We had 49 Members that mailed in a proxy and 32 voting Members in attendance for a total of 81, which met the quorum requirement of 51 Members. Thank you to all that attended and thank you to all that participated by sending your Proxy.  Since the Association received five (5) Notice of Intent forms for five open positions no election was required and the submitting Members were automatically elected. The winning candidates elected to the Board to serve two year terms listed in alphabetical order were

Dwight Heitman, Sally Hetzel, Paul Martin, Bernard (Bud) Tishkowski and Victor Troiano.

The required Director's Organizational Meeting was held immediately following the Annual Meeting. The  election of the Executive Officers by the Directors resulted in the following roster of Directors and Officers for 2016.

Executive Officers 

  Don Martin                President & Treasurer
  Bud Tishkowski          Vice President
  Sally Hetzel                Secretary
  Paul Martin               Assistant Secretary


  David Laven              Director
  Dwight Heitman        Director
  Victor Troiano           Director




This building will be the first to undergo the renovation of the "bump-out" areas on the building. The aluminum shingles will be removed as well as the windows. The structure will be inspected and all necessary repairs to framing and sheathing will be done. A weatherproofing membrane will be applied to the structure enveloping the window openings. The windows will then be properly reinstalled and sealed. Siding with a 50 year warranty that gives the appearance of shingles with matching trim will then be installed, caulked and painted.  If you are one of the few remaining owners in this building that have the original windows the time has long past to replace them. This is an opportunity to have a new one installed for just the price of the window, an opportunity for significant savings.  Please contact the Association office to make these arrangements. This work will begin the first week in May. We will only be completing one building this year.


To correct the low swampy area that currently exists in the courtyard adjacent to the pool, new underground drainage tile will be installed connecting the downspouts on Building B-8 and changes to the grade will be made to direct the runoff water away from the building. The project will be completed with the installation of new sod. 


A winter storm forced the surf into the shore and underpinned the paver stones at the north stairs as well as washed away top soil. The plants were all covered with salt and it is yet to be determined if they will recover or will need to be replaced. Rob created a concrete footer that the paver end course can be mortared to. Our paver stone contractor has ordered the stones and they should be installed the week of March 14th.

We are awaiting the report from a coastal engineering firm that was engaged to inspect our rip-rap and determine what preservation action is necessary if any. Restoration and or enhancements to improve the yard and the Gulf  viewing experience will be planned.


Make certain that you routinely inspect your water heater for any signs of deterioration. If your water heater is over 8 years old, it is time to replace it. Make certain that the water is turned off in your unit when it is unoccupied.

Have a great spring and a safe journey North,