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QUARTERLY MAINTENANCE FEES   Reminder to send your Fourth Quarter Maintenance Fee, which is due on or before October 1st, along with your coupon to BB & T Bank. To our new owners who do not have a coupon book please mail to the Association Office. New Coupon Books will be sent to each owner of record prior to the First Quarter January 2016 due date. You can also sign up for automatic payment withdrawal at any time during the year, a form is included in your Coupon Book.

NEWSLETTER    If you would prefer to receive the Newsletter via email rather than through the post office mail, simply send an email to the Association office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide your chosen email address or if you would rather read the Newsletter online and not receive it via mail or email simply indicate that in your email and view the Newsletter on the website at tamarindnews.com. The Association email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is the preferred method of communication for requests to the Association.


POOL CONVERSION   The pool heating conversion to geothermal is almost complete. All of the equipment has been installed as well as the two required wells. We are currently waiting for Florida Power And Light to connect the new electrical line to the transformer and install the meter. Once this is done the system can be test activated and the Tamarind staff can be trained.

LAUNDRY ROOMS   Jim has been painting all of the rusty electrical equipment housings this summer and is nearly complete. Rob has then been re-labeling them with the necessary identifiers. This will complete the updating of the laundry rooms that began in 2014.
LANDSCAPING.   A few plantings have been replaced where needed and some updating of plants has been done in areas on the beach side that were passed over when the landscaping project began six years ago. New planting beds will be created in the area of the new wells and plantings will be installed to shield the well heads and blend them into the existing landscape. Six hundred and fifty bags of rubber mulch has been ordered and will be spread later this fall. A continuous attempt to maintain a high level of curb appeal at Tamarind within the confines of a conservative Budget.

INSURANCE  Thirty six percent 36% of our total general operating fund Budget is dedicated to the cost of Insurance. Obviously the single largest expense to absorb.  As President Martin is known for saying "welcome to life on a barrier island".  When preparing the Budget in the fall of the year based on expert opinions and known factors we estimate the expected increases in insurance costs for the next year, historically successfully. To make certain that Tamarind is not purchasing coverage that is over or under the appraised insurance value (AIV), we hire an independent firm to make this appraisal. Our insurable value increased for 2015, due in part to the rising cost of materials used for replacement. The cost of building materials and labor increase as the demands increase, thereby affecting our replacement costs and AIV.

As many of you know that had personal coverage with the State run agency of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, if other companies are available Citizens will no long provide this coverage. As of 2015 a provider has appeared in the market place offering this coverage to commercial customers. Based on this fact we received an "Intent of Non-renewal" letter from Citizens transferring our coverage to a company called Weston effective July 1, 2015 which is our windstorm coverage renewal date.

We also recently learned that the insurance rating guidelines have been changed. Seems circumspect that this legislative change coincided with the Citizen change, but you can be the judge. What does this mean for Tamarind. Our buildings since development have always been rated as "wind resistive" and now have been changed to "masonry and truss" resulting in a much higher rate to insure. All factors combined our premium from Weston was $100,000.00 greater than what we had budgeted for 2015. After a great deal of angst our Broker was able to persuade Citizens to provide coverage to Tamarind for one more year and one more year period. However we still suffered a $20,000.00 2015 budget shortfall.

The arduous task of creating the 2016 Budget will soon begin.  We continuously look at ways to reduce our operating expense to absorb annual increases in uncontrollable costs such as utilities, insurance and materials and still maintain the appearance and integrity of the buildings and property. We have done this by cost shopping, buying on line and eliminating service provider costs by performing as much in-house with our maintenance staff as possible, such as pool maintenance. Years past we converted the significant number of lighting fixtures to compact fluorescence bulbs and are now in the process of replacing those when needed with LED. A few years past we replaced our long time grounds keeper with a new company realizing significant cost savings as another example. Due to the fact that we have a very knowledgeable and talented maintenance staff, many updates and improvements have been done by them that historically would have been contracted at a much greater expense. In some instances the cost saving measures have required an initial investment for continued cost reduction such as this year by converting the pool heating to geothermal which is expected to yield an annual savings of $8-10,000.00. However, no significant cost savings opportunities are available without sacrificing the quality of Tamarind, which is not an option. We are still investigating wind insurance options such as the possibility of tandem or laddering of coverage across several carriers, sharing the risk exposure if you will in an attempt to eliminate the Weston option and the cost associated. In any case additional costs cannot be absorbed. This is a preliminary alert that an increase in monthly maintenance fees will be forthcoming for 2016.

RENTALS.  As stated in the Tamarind “Articles of Incorporation” and “Rules and Regulations” all potential renters must complete a “Rental Approval Application” and submit it to the Board of Directors for approval prior to occupying any unit. The minimum rental period is TWO WEEKS. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to comply with this requirement and to make certain that any agent that you engage for the purpose of soliciting a renter for your unit is in compliance.  It is also the responsibility of each owner to comply with the federal and state laws and county ordinances concerning the soliciting of tenants and the collection and reporting of the required sales and transient taxes. Severe government sanctions and penalties will apply for noncompliance.

BOARD MEETING.   On August 4, 2015 the Board of Directors met for the purpose of appointing new members to fill two vacancies. The vacancies were due to the passing of Secretary Peter Hetzel and the resignation and disqualification of Ric Kostecki due to sale of their unit. Owners Victor Troiano and Sally Hetzel were appointed to fill the vacancies until the next annual election. Sally Hetzel also assumed the position of Secretary.  Thank you to both owners who agreed to serve.


As many already know Tamarind suffered a great loss in the recent passing of our longtime Secretary and valued Board Member Peter H. Hetzel. Pete had the ability to analyze what could be a complex problem and reduce it to a concise manageable statement of facts where a decision could quickly and correctly be achieved. Coupled with his ample supply of common sense this left him unencumbered to see things clearly. A rare and gifted talent that will long be missed. Pete had a wonderful sense of humor and a quick wit. He was a joy to everyone that knew him. He was a great friend, confidant and mentor who is and will be missed. Condolences to his friend, life partner and wife of 56 years Sally and the entire Hetzel family. 

Board of Directors