A reminder that your Third Quarter of 2015 Maintenance fee in the amount of $1,600.00 is due on or before July 1st.  Please use your coupon and send your payment to the bank if you have not made arrangements for auto withdrawal.  Welcome new owners. You will not receive a Payment Book containing Coupons for the last two Quarters of 2015, so just send your payment to the Tamarind Association office at 2955 N Beach Rd., Englewood, FL 34223.


As presented by President and Treasurer Don Martin to the Membership at the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors during a recent meeting called for that purpose, voted to convert the pool from propane to the more cost effective method of Geothermal. This conversion  will replace the propane heaters with titanium condenser and evaporator heat exchangers and require the installation of an intake and a discharge  well. The 5'' intake well will be located in the courtyard adjacent to the "D" building and the 5" discharge well will be located in the courtyard near the "A5" building. Additional landscaping will be installed to camouflage the wells. This work will be done during the summer months. The required investment of $44,565.00 will be paid from the Pool Reserve Fund. The cost recovery will be approximately 3.20 years by reducing the current cost of pool heating and will result in significant continued savings each year there after. This savings will have a positive effect on our General Operating Budget.

Also on this meeting agenda appeared the proposed alteration to the "Rules And Regulations of Tamarind Gulf And Bay Condominium" specifically Rule #3 PARKING.  were voted on and adopted by the Board

These changes were in response to repeated expressed concerns during the last few Membership meetings. The current parking rule appears below with the changes and additions appearing in different type. 

3.   Parking. Residents are restricted  to two (2) permanent vehicles per unit. All vehicles on Tamarind property must be in operating condition, appearance must be properly maintained, and have current registration and tags. Vehicles may be covered using only a cover specifically designed for that purpose. A key must be furnished to the Association office for any vehicle left on the property during the residents absence.

Parking permits are available at the Association office. All vehicles parked on the property must display a parking permit. The displaying of Commercial or For Sale signs on any vehicle is prohibited. Parking spaces are assigned by unit number. Trucks over three-quarter ton, commercial trucks, camper trailers, Class A and Class C motor homes, trailers, boats, boat trailers, personal watercraft and personal watercraft trailers and all other marine vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the property overnight, except service contractors' vehicles who are actually providing services to the condominium property. Loading zones are marked and are restricted to 15 minute parking. Please be courteous to your neighbors by not abusing this convenience and avoid the unpleasant need of enforcement.

Handicap parking in front of the clubhouse is for clubhouse functions only or on a short term basis, overnight or long term parking is prohibited..

The complete  Rules And Regulations (Revised April 2015) is enclosed and after reading should replace the previous version and placed with and as a part of your Tamarind Condo Documents.



The dead palm adjacent to the pool has been removed and replaced with a Triple Pigmy Date palm and 35 Maui Ixora in clusters of 5 have been placed in front of the Silver Buttonwoods surrounding the pool area. Declining crotons were removed between the C1 and B6 buildings and replaced with Variegated Arboricola. The dead palm located in the parking lot island in front of the A5 building has been removed and replaced with a Triple Trunk Adonidia Palm. The Carissa Holly bushes that have become one unsightly cluster is being removed and replaced with Variegated Arboricola to freshen up the north entrance on the bayside. Ten pallets of mulch will then be added throughout the property.


The north entrance on the bayside will be revamped to eliminate the hazardous crater that currently exists.

CARPORTS.  In addition to other maintenance items around the property the staff will be power washing the roof, ceiling and vinyl siding on all of the carports, sealing seams and touching up the paint on the support posts that seems to mysteriously disappear in spots after the season is over.

The Newsletter is being printed on color paper in an attempt to use paper stocks that have been in inventory for years.

Have a great Summer.
Board of Directors