SECOND QUARTER.   A reminder that your Second Quarter of 2015 Maintenance fee in the amount of $1,600.00 is due on or before April 1st.  Please use your coupon and send your payment to the bank if you have not made arrangements for auto withdrawal.  Do not send your payments to the Association office.

ANNUAL MEETING.  To comply with our Bylaws, the Annual Meeting and Election of Directors was held on February 27, 2015 in the Tamarind Clubhouse. We had only 17 Members that mailed in a proxy, as a result the annual meeting almost did not take place. Fortunately Members were able to locate two additional Members so a quorum of the required 51 Members could be met. Thank you to all that attended and thank you to all that participated by sending your Proxy.  Since the Association received three (3) Notice of Intent forms for three open positions no election was required and three submitting Members were automatically elected. The winning candidates elected to the Board to serve two year terms listed in alphabetical order were Ric Kostecki, Dave Laven and Don Martin.

The required Directors Organizational Meeting was held immediately following the Annual Meeting. The  election of the Executive Officers by the Directors resulted in the following roster of Directors and Officers for 2015.

Executive Officers 

  Don Martin   President & Treasurer
  Bud Tishkowski  Vice President
  Peter Hetzel   Secretary
  Paul Martin   Assistant Secretary
  David Laven   Director
  Dwight Heitman  Director
  Ric Kostecki   Director

SURVEY RESULTS.  As you will remember in response to a  request presented to the Board to purchase the beach front property next to the south Tamarind property line, a survey was sent  to each Member in an attempt to measure the level of interest in pursuing such an undertaking. Any purchase of additional property or the addition of an amenity would require the approval by vote of 75% of the entire Membership or 109 Members voting yes.

44% of the Membership (64) responded to the Survey with only 27% of the Members (39) thinking that the purchase was a good idea with only 24% of the Membership agreeing to pay for it. No further action by the Board will be taken concerning this subject.


The Charlotte County Beaches and Shores Advisory Committee during their last regularly scheduled meeting held on March 5th addressed the issue of beach re-nourishment. This committee meets the first Thursday of each month with the exception of the months of June, July and August when no meeting is held.

To encourage the powers of being to move the wheels of progress it is highly advisable for each Member of the Association to contact our Commission representative either via U.S. mail or email and express the urgency to act. Although it is incumbent on every Charlotte County Commissioner to focus on and prioritize this issue, the Commissioner who represents Englewood and Manasota Key is listed below:

Bill Truex
8500 Murdock Circle, Suite 536, Port Charlotte, FL 33948
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Board is currently considering converting the heating of the pool from propane to a geothermal system. It would appear that this could eliminate the annual $13,000.00-18,0000.00 annual cost of  propane and incur only the electrical cost to run the pumps and condensers at an estimated annual cost of around $3,000.00. This significant savings could yield an investment recovery of only 3.2 years, representing large savings amount over the 20year expected life of the system.

If this project moves forward, this will be the only planned Reserve capital expenditure project for 2015. The Reserve balance can increase and recover from the expenses of the 2014 painting and restoration project. 


It is very important to check the age of your water heater and inspect the appearance of the water heater. If you are seeing any signs of rust or discoloration on the casing of the water heater especially at the seams it is time to replace the unit regardless of the age of the water heater. If your unit is approaching 8 years old it is time to replace the water heater.  You should also periodically inspect the drainage pan under the water heater and make certain that it is draining properly. Damage caused to your unit or if the case maybe units beneath your unit can be substantial from a leaking water heater or one that bursts, especially if water supplying the heater is left on.

If your unit is going to be vacant for more than 24 hours it is a good practice to turn off the power to your water heater and to shut off the water in your apartment, most definitely a must when the unit will be vacant for an extended period of time.

Have a great spring season.

Board of Directors