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Reminder to send your Fourth Quarter Maintenance Fee, which is due on or before October 1st, along with your coupon to BB & T Bank. New owners who do not have a coupon book please mail to the Association Office. New Coupon Books will be sent to each owner of record prior to the First Quarter January 2015 due date. You can also sign up for automatic payment withdrawal at any time during the year.


 If you would prefer to receive the Newsletter via email rather than through the post office mail, simply send an email to the Association office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide your chosen email address or if you would rather read the Newsletter online and not receive it via mail or email simply indicate that in your email and view the Newsletter on the website at tamarindnews.com. The Association email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is the preferred method of communication for requests to the Association.


As of yet we still do not have a beach. The Association attorney was contacted to see what we as an Association can or cannot do to replenish the beach. Unfortunately Tamarind can do very little since we do not own the property. It is owned by the State of Florida under the jurisdiction of Charlotte County. The attorney recommended that the first step should be to contact the County and request that action be taken to restore the beach. As this attorney has had much experience in this area, was involved with the Long Boat Key beach restoration project, he will contact the county on our behalf.

Since there are four public points of access to the beach, our Littoral Rights do not grant us  access via adjoining properties and the act would be trespassing. We have received verbal and written complaints from our neighbors that Tamarind residents have trespassed on their property to access the beach. Please respect the property and privacy rights of our neighbors and do not trespass.

Hopefully turbulence in the Gulf due to a passing tropical storm or hurricane will force the sand back on shore and solve the problem which has historically been the case. If any word of a plan from the county is received we will post it on the Tamarind website.



The painting of the buildings is progressing although due to weather delays through the summer we are about 3 weeks behind schedule. We have also during inspections discovered more severe deterioration of areas of stucco than expected that required repair as well as rebar spalling on a few balconies that required extensive demolition and reconstruction to properly repair.

The painting staff has been increased this week in an attempt to get back on schedule. Rather than slow down the restoration work an additional mason has been added to repair some of the concrete window sills that have suffered the same fate as some of the lanais although not as difficult to repair.

Due to regimented maintenance and regular scheduled painting, the buildings are overall in excellent condition considering their age and constant exposure to sea salt.

The painting is nearly complete on the beach side of the property and power washing and prepping will begin this week on the bay side of the property.


Rob has completed the refurbishing of the laundry room doors and Jim will have the remaining painted shortly, they look very good and saved the Association considerable money rather than needing to replace them. A few storage locker doors located in the hallways that are exposed to the elements will also received the same treatment to obtain a consistent maintained appearance.

A few plantings will be replaced where needed and additional mulching also where needed will be done this fall, however the drainage work and sod replacement originally planned in the bayside courtyard has been rescheduled until next spring since the disruptive nature of the painting equipment would have made the effort from an appearance perspective counter productive.



As stated in the Tamarind “Articles of Incorporation” and “Rules and Regulations” all potential renters must complete a “Rental Approval Application” and submit it to the Board of Directors for approval prior to occupying any unit. The minimum rental period is TWO WEEKS. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to comply with this requirement and to make certain that any agent that you engage for the purpose of soliciting a renter for your unit is in compliance.  It is also the responsibility of each owner to comply with the federal and state laws and county ordinances concerning the soliciting of tenants and the collection and reporting of the required sales and transient taxes. Severe government sanctions and penalties will apply for noncompliance.


The Association has received word of the passing of longtime Tamarind owner Albino (Al) Terracciano on July 4th. A memorial gift was given to the Good Shepard Hospice. Our condolences to Virginia and the Terracciano family.

Have a Great Fall
Board of Directors