THIRD QUARTER.   A reminder that your Third Quarter of 2014 Maintenance fee in the amount of $1,600.00 is due on or before July 1st.  Please use your coupon and send your payment to the bank if you have not made arrangements for auto withdrawal.  Welcome new owners. If you have not received your new payment coupons in time for your July 1st due date, simply send your payment to the Tamarind Association office at 2955 N Beach Rd., Englewood, FL 34223.



The power washing and painting of all the buildings is scheduled to begin on Monday June 9th. All of the balcony railings will also be inspected, repaired as necessary and painted. This will require the removal and replacement of the screens. For the sake of continuity and to maintain the standards at Tamarind, the first floor lanai enclosures will also be painted and re-screened. 

The Directors responding to comments from the summer residents that the stairway handrails are to hot to touch, decided to paint the stair handrails a light tan rather than the musket brown. Hopefully this will help reflect the sun and make the rails cooler to the touch.

The project will begin with building B-3 and continue building by building until the project is complete probably lasting into early fall.  You can monitor the progress and building schedule by going to the Tamarind website at

As a reminder please make certain that all lanai and deck furnishings are removed. The Tamarind Association, Inc. or Artistry Painting, Inc. will not assume any responsibility for damage to any items that have not been removed.

The laundry room doors as well as the nearby storage closet doors are badly pitted and unsightly. As a cost saving measure a project test was done this winter in an attempt to salvage the doors rather than replacing them. The project consisted of belt sanding the metal surface with an abrasive metal belt and using a glazing compound commonly used in body shops to smooth the surface.  The results were acceptable and quick to achieve. The glazing product was sourced on the internet and purchased with significant savings as opposed to buying locally and after evaluating the labor and materials cost to complete offered significant savings as opposed to purchasing and hanging new doors. 


The Tamarind maintenance staff will be installing new beach shower pedestals this summer. The current showers consist of PVC pipe and fittings attached to a 4x4 post. PVC does not do well when exposed to the sunlight and salt, resulting in failure many times during the year that requires emergency maintenance.  All plumbing will be encapsulated within the housing and the valves will automatically shutoff after a period of time, resolving the current frequent problem that water is left running.

REMODELING   It is great to see owners investing in their units by updating and remodeling. However any damage to the Common Elements of the community and subsequent costs to repair is your responsibility and not your fellow owners.  It is your responsibility to provide the office with the key contact name and telephone number of contractors performing work in your unit. As a reminder Section 4  of the  Tamarind Architectural Guidelines is restated below. This information should be provided to your contractor(s) as well.



The selection of a contractor is at the discretion of an individual owner. However, the hiring of a general contractor, project manager or tradesman does not negate the responsibility of the owner to assure adherence to the Association Rules & Regulations and/or the Architectural Guidelines and Requirements.


All electrical, plumbing and structural installations and or alterations must be done by a licensed and insured professional for which proof must be provided to the Board through the Association Manager. It shall be the responsibility of each owner and his agent to comply with all applicable building codes and restrictions as prescribed by state and local county regulatory officials and to obtain any required permits. Contractors or tradesman performing work exceeding what would normally be considered minor repairs should register at the Association office and provide key contact information.


A. The staging or storing of building materials, tools or other personal items in any hallway, walkway or stairway or upon any common property of the Association at any time is strictly prohibited. All material must be staged within the confines of the unit. 

B. The cutting or sawing of material must be done within the confines of the unit or limited common element of the unit. The use of walkways, stairways or hallways for this purpose is strictly prohibited. The parking area may be used for this purpose, however it is the responsibility of the person or persons performing the work, and not the Association, to remove any and all debris, dust or residue by what ever means necessary. This shall be performed as frequently as necessary to maintain the appearance of the area, however this must be done no later than the end of each workday.

C.  The removal of materials due to demolition is understandable and expected. However, measures must be taken to prevent damage to common elements including stair treads and floor coverings. All subsequent repairs and costs to repair any and all damage shall be the responsibility of the individual owner. All debris, dust or residue must be removed from walkways, stairways, hallways and all common areas immediately by any means necessary. It is the responsibility of the owner or contractor to arrange for the disposal of these items. The placing, staging or storing of these items anywhere on the grounds is strictly prohibited. Charlotte County code Sec. 1-12-116 prohibits the staging of any material, refuse, furniture or major appliances on the outside of any dumpster or around any dumpster area.


The Association wishes to acknowledge the recent passing of long time owner Bonnie Rossell. Condolences to Al and the Rossell family for their loss. A memoriam was given to the Hephzibah Children's Association, which is the family's charity of choice.

Have a great summer season.

Board of Directors