To pay online>

1)  Sign on to
2)  See PERSONAL SERVICES LOGON (Right side of Screen)
3) Select: ASSOCIATION ONLINE PAYMENTS (drop down box)
4) From your coupon, enter your Bill Pay Number, Serial Number and  Unit number on the screen that will appear.

By entering your coupon information you can make your Association payment via credit/debit card or eCheck, enroll in Association Pay, or get forms to change or cancel existing Association Pay. There is a convenience charge that will be charged to your account to use the online payment options. There is no charge to use Association Pay Automatic Withdrawal. You can contact BB & T Bank at 888.722.6669 to have your payment questions answered.

DO NOT MAIL TO OR PRESENT PAYMENTS TO THE ASSOCIATION OFFICE, they must be sent directly to the bank. Please be aware that if you fail to make your payments by the 10th of the month in which they are due the bank will automatically assess your account a $50.00 late fee.